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Should You Remodel or Resurface Your Pool

Practical Reasons To Resurface Your Pool Before Summer

Having a functional swimming pool to cool off in during the upcoming summer months is priceless. However, a swimming pool should not just be functional; this space should help you relax and unwind, while also acting as your own cool haven for those hot summer days that just seem to go on forever. Keeping your pool in perfect condition makes it possible for you to take a dip in the clean and cool waters whenever you fancy.

Resurfacing your swimming pool before summer gets into full swing will help you achieve the above, and more; as it will be in perfect working condition.

If you have a pool at home, and have been flirting with the idea of having it resurfaced before summer, but haven’t quite gotten around to it, here is a list of reasons to get it done as soon as possible.

Aesthetic Appeal

Pools that have been in use for an extended period can turn into an eye sore due to the effects of wear and tear. Staining usually occurs all over the pool surface due to a variety of reasons. Leaves and other natural debris, minerals and chemicals used in maintaining pool water pH balance are among the most common culprits when it comes to pool staining.

Staining, which appears as a shade of red or green, due to the growth of algae is also commonly seen on swimming pool surfaces.

If you have tried all cleaning methods and solutions to clear any discoloration and staining to no avail, then it might be time to resurface your pool.

Resurfacing the pool will help give it a fresh new look. This will ultimately improve the aesthetic appeal of the entire property as a whole. If you intend to sell your property in the near future, resurfacing the pool will help improve its appearance and value as well. You should look at all of the benefits to decide if you should resurface or remodel your pool.


As summer approaches, the need for a swimming pool increases. If you have a swimming pool at home, consider yourself fortunate as swimming, playing or simply chilling in the cool water will help you get away from the high temperatures characteristic of this season. However, if your pool is pitted you might not look forward to spending time in or around it.

Years of regular use, unbalanced pH levels in the pool water and unexpected damage to the pool or its surroundings can leave the pool surface rough and pitted. This may force you to stay away from the pool and, as such, take the joy out of owning one. This may even mean that you and your family cannot fully enjoy your summer to the fullest.

Simply put, if your pool surface is pitted, rendering it undesirable, or simply making spending time in it unappealing then it’s time to have it resurfaced. This will get the surface looking new, and bring back the fun as far as spending time in the pool is concerned.

Cost Savings

Maintaining a swimming pool can be quite costly. You have to purchase a variety of costly chemicals to balance the water pH, as well as cover a hefty utility bill attributed to filling it up with water.

These costs usually sky rocket when your swimming pool develops a leak. First and foremost, you will have to top it up with water on a regular basis to make up for the volume lost through the leak. Furthermore, you will have to use additional chemicals in balancing the pH levels of the water every time you top it off.

To find out whether your pool has a leak look for wet spots in the surrounding area, identify regular and unexplained pH level imbalances in the pool water, cracks and loose or falling tiles around the pool surface and a higher rate of water loss as compared to the normal evaporation rate.

To find out whether the rate of water loss is higher than the normal evaporation rate, compare the rate at which water evaporates from a bucket and that of the swimming pool. If the pool loses water at a faster rate than the bucket you can assume that there is a leak.

Fixing the leak permanently by having the pool resurfaced will not only save you from the inconvenience of having to top up water levels on a regular basis, but will also result in substantial cost savings. You will no longer have to cover unnecessary utility and chemical costs brought about by the leak.

Improve Hygiene Levels

A dirty and unhygienic swimming pool is a perfect breeding ground for germs. Anyone who spends time in the pool faces an elevated risk of developing a variety of health issues.

Unbalanced pH levels in the pool water commonly associated with leaks can make your pool dirty and unhygienic. This is due to the fact that you have to add water to the pool on a regular basis to replace the volume lost through leaks; essentially throwing off the pH balance.

Resurfacing the pool will help eliminate the leak, and with it, facilitate the proper maintenance of healthy swimming pool water pH levels. This will ultimately make your pool cleaner and healthier.

It’s Cold Outside

Although you should not simply get your pool resurfaced because it is cold outside, this is the perfect time to get the job done. Most outdoor pools remain unused during the cold season; this makes it the best time to schedule repairs that might render it out of service for a while. Once summer is here, and all repairs are complete, there will be no reason to keep you from enjoying the pool to the fullest.

Call In The Pool Pros

The above information comprehensively documents the reasons why you might want to have your home’s swimming pool resurfaced. If you are interested in getting this project underway, before summer gets into full swing, call in a qualified contractor as soon as possible.

To ensure that the pool resurfacing job is completed as intended, and on time, it is recommended that you take the time to find the right contractor for the job.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Importance Of Hiring A Real Estate Agency Nearby

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, it will be either the largest purchase or sale that you will most likely make in your entire life. As a result, it is extremely important to know exactly what you’re doing and ensure that you’re protected throughout the transaction. Also, there will be many fees and documents that will need to be handled and it would be quite difficult to do so on your own. As a result, it’s in your best interest to hire a nearby real estate agency. We will now take a closer look at a few reasons why you should hire a real estate agency, whether you’re buying or selling a property.

Buying Or Selling Real Estate Property

First of all, if you’re selling your property or land, then you will need to find qualified buyers that are actually capable of purchasing. A real estate agency will have lists of qualified buyers that are waiting to be matched with their desired property. As a result, you will have a higher chance of getting your property sold much faster than if you tried to sell the property yourself.

Another benefit of hiring a real estate agency is that they will handle all of the property inquiries on your behalf. This means that you don’t need to answer your phone at all hours of the day and answer the same questions over and over. It can quickly become quite frustrating to do so since you will be talking to random strangers. If you have a full time job it is even more difficult to deal with this on your own. A real estate agency will take full control and you don’t have to worry about a thing. They will also be there for all of the house showings so you don’t have to do these as well. This will save you even more time and effort.

What Type Of Property To Buy

On the other hand, if you’re trying to buy a suitable home or other type of property, it is also recommended that you hire a real estate agency. One main reason you should do so is because real estate agencies have access to hundreds if not thousands of properties for sale. As a result, they will be able to match you with the perfect home, once they know your budget, desired location, needs etc.

Also, if you’re looking for a property on your own, then it can take a long time. You will have to spend hours going through the Classified ads, real estate magazines, online forums etc. Also, many of the best properties are not advertised publicly but only through real estate agencies. As a result, by hiring a real estate agency, you will expedite the entire process and get your dream home in no time at all.


In closing, we have just discussed the importance of hiring a nearby real estate agency, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. The agency will make the entire process as seamless as possible and they will be able to properly guide you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Get to know more at http://www.liveloveathome.com/

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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Benefits Of Organic Lawn Care

If you are looking to invest in organic lawn care, there are plenty of reasons to do so. Organic lawn care has a lot of benefits over traditional lawn care options. Below, we will discuss some of the top benefits of it.

Benefits Of Organic Lawn Care:

1. Improvement Of Soil Health.

One of the main benefits that you will be able to get when it comes to achieving a healthy lawn is an improvement of soil health. You should be able to effectively improve the soil health of your lawn by using non-harmful organic lawn care products on it because it can do everything from help your lawn retain moisture for longer periods of time, maximize absorption, and even help your roots grow stronger. It can also improve the texture and health of your soil as well. Being able to improve soil health is one of the main benefits that you get from organic lawn care products.

2. Safe For Pets and Humans.

Another significant benefit that you will be able to get by using organic product alternatives is the ability to use something that is completely safe for both pets and humans. This is something that is likely going to be a major purchasing decision factor for anyone that has pets or children because it can be stressful not knowing whether or not they are touching or coming into contact with potentially harmful chemicals right in your lawn.

3. Lasts Longer.

Another significant benefit that you will be able to get from organic products is a longer lasting solution to your needs. The chemicals that you use in your soil and on your lawn are not going to last as long as natural solutions which are going to end up costing you more in the long run.

4. Less Pollution.

Another significant benefit comes from it being much better for the environment. The organic options available are not going to harm the fish or other types of wildlife that would normally be negatively affected by pollution from the soil and lawns. This alone is reason enough to do your part to protect the planet.

5. Better Quality Grass.

Another significant benefit that you can get from using organic products is the ability to grow better and greener grass. Because you will be using something that your grass absolutely loves, it is going to reward you with much greener and better-looking grass than ever before. It will also help to strengthen it to be able to better protect itself from diseases and other problems that could result.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to make the switch to organic lawn products. You want to be sure to make the switch to better protect your lawn and to improve the results that you are able to get not only with the soil in your lawn but also the grass. It is a much more cost effective approach as well when you consider the return on investment boost you can get over chemical alternatives. For more information on organic lawn visit http://discoverziehler.com/lawn-care-west-chester

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Bluon Energy’s Refrigerant Compared To R20

Bluon Energy’s Refrigerant TdX 20 In Depth Look

Back in 1987, the Montreal Protocol was finalized, an agreement among all countries to protect the ozone layer by discontinuing the use of ozone-depleting substances (ODS). The ozone layer, as you may already know filters out harmful UV rays, which are associated with reduced agricultural productivity, disruption of the marine ecosystems and even skin cancer. Ozone-depleting substances come in various forms and they are commonly used as refrigerants in heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Chlorofluorocarbons or CFS are the most notorious of the bunch and were the first to be phased out. Hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs were the next in line and the process is expected to come to an end in 2020. At this point, no HFCS will be manufactured or developed anywhere on the globe. In regards to residential and commercial HVAC systems, this refers to the refrigerant R-22.

This effort has already started to restore the ozone layer, but a new and concerning issue has risen along the way. According to the physicist Peter Capuciati who has specialized in research on alternatives to overcome the limitations in HVAC efficiency, the refrigerants currently on the market, while they do not deplete the ozone layer, they actually take a toll on HVAC systems performance. As a result, energy consumption has increased anywhere between 5 to 30 percent, depending on the refrigerant.

tdx 20 vs r20

The primary goal of phasing out R-22 is to have environmental benefits, and so, the alternatives are actually backfiring since they have an adverse effect on it due to their increased energy consumption. With an aim to hamper this, the physicist co-founded Bluon, a relatively new refrigerant manufacturer.

According to statistics, HVAC-R systems use around 40 percent of all electricity. Considering the fact that electricity is responsible for over 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, the HVAC-R share of global warming is at a staggering 12 percent, which is just about half of all the vehicles on the road. Well, 2020 which is the deadline for doing away with R-22 approaches and building owners will be scrambling to replace their HVAC refrigerants with one of the few that are approved so far.

Well, after years of research and experimentation, the company Bluon developed a refrigerant that is quite unique. It is known as TdX 20 and it reduces energy consumption by 5-25 percent depending on the application. This refrigerant achieves these numbers by carrying more heat at a lower pressure, thus reducing system losses while maximizing the use of the whole coil.

Peter Capuciati, who is now the executive chairman of Bluon Energy’s board of directors states that they tried hundreds of formulas, testing each on various systems in the lab and in the field, with an aim to find one that would increase energy efficiency. The experimentation took three years and they finally stumbled upon something that was not showing up in the models. If they stacked five or more refrigerants together, it would give results that lowered electrical consumption and increase productivity from the coil.

Learn More about Refrigerant

Here is a summary of each refrigerant in TdX 20 and how it functions:

1. Tetrafluoroethane R134a

This is a high-temperature substance that get rids of moisture from the compressed air and prevents electric discharges. Also, upon vaporization, it absorbs a substantial amount of thermal energy.

2. Difluoromethane R32

This refrigerant has a high thermal stability and is insoluble in water.

3. Pentafluoroethane R125

This substance leads to the formation of near zeotropic mixture. It’s ideally a fuel isolate as it absorbs heat energy thus suppressing fire.

4. Hexaflouraopropane R227

This refrigerant is seen as a chain reactor isolator and it’s an organic compound also known as organ fluoride. Its primary function is to hamper electric discharges and can ideally be used as a displacement drying agent.

5. Heptafluoralpropane R326fa

This ideally works as a fire suppressant by isolating oxygen.

6. Proprietary Lubricant

This is the product’s trade secret that brings all the refrigerants together in order to create a homogeneous liquid blend.

Tremendous Support From Bluon

By late 2016, the product TdX 20 had cleared all the regulatory issues at the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies, thus receiving the official ASHRAE designation, which is the final phase to penetrate the marketplace. Douglas Reinke, the CEO and President of Bluon Energy stated that is was not too soon, not only because of the approaching 2020 deadline and the urge to fight climate change but because the refrigerant R-22 had suddenly raised in price. Since new supply is drying up and the end of its production is looming, those who have been stocking up R-22 are taking advantage which ends up creating a demand and supply dynamic that’s very unfavorable to both building owners and end users.

The End of Inefficiency and Skyrocketing Prices

As the production of TdX increased, the company was able to reduce its price to around $13 per pound wholesale, while the price of R-22 continues to surge, going beyond $25 per pound. By the year 2020, it is expected that the price of R-22 per pound will cost $40 or even more.

When the Montreal Protocol was composed, the vision was that people would invest in new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that would run on a different form of refrigerant. However, that did not turn out to be economically feasible for many, and that is why there are still so many R-22 systems out there, even as we get closer to the 2020 deadline.

Today, over 60% of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems still operate on R-22 and it’s estimated that they require around 200 million lbs of refrigerant replacements a year for maintenance and repair reasons. With the price of this refrigerant increasing, everyone is searching for other options, but unfortunately, every alternative, with the exception of Bluon TdX increases the energy bills as they are less efficient. Fortunately, with the availability of TdX 20, HVAC systems can run at compressor temperatures and at low pressures, allowing them to last longer and call for fewer repairs. At the end of the day, these factors make a strong business case for the end user. Visit http://www.bluonenergy.com

Bluon Energy’s client list has grown dramatically during its relatively short existence. The company’s approach has resulted in deals with big real estate firms such as PMRG and CBRE, healthcare institutions such as Kaiser Permanente, corporations like ESPN and energy management providers like Schneider Electric. In the spring of 2017, the environmental activist but popular as a movie star Leonardo DiCaprio came on board both as an investor and advisor. This is a testament to the company’s innovative ozone-layer depletion solution.

The director of engineering at PMRG, one of the biggest commercial real estate companies, Rich Hopkins, can attest to the efficiency of the refrigerant TdX 20. He says that it is not just a concept on paper but actually works as advertised in the real world conditions. He attests to the efficacy, having tested the product for over 2 years in the Anaheim Pacific Center. He did a side by side comparison of TdX 20 and R-22 and tracked the results for almost a year. He used all sorts of sensors and gauges in the units and found that the temperature and pressure dropped substantially on the TdX 20 one, which is the best way to increase the longevity of an HVAC system. He ideally noticed about a 15% drop in energy use which not only saves their utility costs but also reduces their carbon footprint.

The engineer is now working on installing the product on over 18 million sq feet of real estate in the west, from Arizona to California as well as Hawaii.

Here is a summary of TdX’s 20 Benefits:

Performance Benefits

-Equipment that runs on the refrigerant consumes 20 percent less energy on average.

-TdX 20 minimizes electricity usage during utility peak times.

-The product reduces amperage draw by 5 to 25 percent and daily operation time from 20 to 90 minutes.

-It preserves or rather increases cooling capacity when compared to R-22.

-It runs in low, medium as well as high temperature systems and it’s well-optimized for the last two.

Equipment and Installation Benefits

-TdX 20 extends the life of your equipment through lower compressor operating temperatures and also lowers the pressures.

-It works with conventional compressor oils including MO, POE, and AB. No oil change is needed.

– It also works with conventional metering devices. That saves you on changing expansion devices.

-Avoids a substantial monetary investment in new R-410A equipment.

-It runs on all R-22 heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Environmental Benefits

-No ozone depletion

-TdX is non-toxic and non-flammable

-It helps building owners gain points towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) certification.

-A 100,000 square feet property replacing current refrigerant with Bluon Energy TdX 20 is able to reduce their carbon footprint by about 60 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

As you can see, TdX 20 has a lot of benefits other than being affordable. It’s certainly worth considering as a building owner as 2020 approaches.

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How Do You Get Proof of Income From the Social Security Office?

If you’re receiving social security, there may come a time when you’ll need to provide proof of your income, which is income you’re receiving from the Social Security Administration. Sometimes people need to provide proof of their income when they’re looking to rent an apartment or purchase a new car, so it’s helpful to have this information readily available to you just in case you do need it. There are a few different ways to get your proof of income from the office.

Visit the Social Security Website

One of the easiest ways to get your proof of income is to visit the website and view the services section of the site. When you’re viewing that particular section, you’ll see a link you can click if you need to request a certified proof of income letter for a specific reason. You may click this link and then request your letter to receive it rather quickly. It’s convenient for those who are comfortable using a computer and navigating the website to find what they’re looking for.

If you’re having trouble finding it on the website, you don’t have to worry. There are still other ways to get your proof of income without the stress and frustration.

Visit the Office in Person

Find the number for your local social security office and give them a quick call. Let them know you need a proof of income letter and you’d like to know if you can come into the office to get it. They may give you a specific date and time to come into the office to retrieve the proof of income. It’s possible for you to get the letter on the same day if it’s an emergency and you can’t wait to receive it.

Provide Bank Statements

Aside from these options, you could always print out several copies of your bank statements to provide some proof of the amount you’re currently receiving. The person who reviews your bank statements would easily be able to see that you’re getting the same amount on a monthly basis and have been receiving that set amount for quite some time. They’d be able to see where the deposit was coming from, verifying it’s income you receive from the social security office each month.

If you need to verify your income because you’re trying to move into a new apartment, would like to buy a new car, or even if you’re applying for a loan because of an emergency, you may need to request new social security card a proof of income letter from the social security office. There are a few different ways for you to get the letter you need. You may want to visit the website and click the link to request a copy of the income letter.

If you’re having trouble with the website, you can always visit the local social security office in or around your area. If you’re running out of time, providing bank statements as proof of the amount you’re receiving may suffice.

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Where Can You Buy Hair Products? A Quick Answer

If you are wondering where you can buy hair products, you should know that the best place to do so it is at a large retail website like Amazon. But if you want to save money, you could also buy them at dollar stores.

Research The Market For Best Hair Care Product

When it comes to the actual buying, though, you don’t just buy any product or brand. What you want to do is to research on the best ones in the market. It’s easy enough to do this. On Amazon, you just type the kind of products you need and click on the search button.

For example, you search for hair loss treatment. Out from the search results, you can see the ones that are highly rated. By highly rated, we mean products that have an average star rating of at least four stars based on many, many evaluations by different users.

Suggestions To Use Hair Products

While you can always buy right away, we suggest that you take a look at the reviews and see what people have to say. It’s actually very important, because it tells you how a certain product ricks in real life, if it works at all.

When you say hair products, it’s actually a very general term that encompasses different types of items. We are talking about shampoos, conditioner, hair gel, oils, and other things. And under these different types of products, there are many brands for you to choose from. And by many, we mean at least 10 brand that you can pick.

If life were simple and money were no object, you could try all the different options you have. But that’s not always the case. If you’re like most people, you are budgeting for certain products with a limited amount of money. That is why you need to find the best products that money can buy.

How Much do Hair Products Cost?

That really depends on the kind you are talking about and the brand. But if you have to have a baseline figure, a regular bottle of shampoo should cost less than $10 each. The most expensive products on the market are those that have treatment properties like the ones for hair loss.

Hair loss products are tricky and that they can be hit or miss. But we have quite a lot of different tips for choosing hair growth products. One very important tip that we would like to share is this: find out how long a product has been in the market.


We really do not need to tell you, but if it has been there for at least 10 years, you can be sure that it works. But if you really want to be sure, you could take a look at the reviews and and the star ratings.

Another tip we would like to share with you is this: ask for a sample. A sample ensures that you have tested the product yourself without spending any money. Manufacturers will not openly send samples, you have to ask for it though. Consult Threesquaressoil for essential hair care guidance.

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